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  • Low-interest starting from 13.60%

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Author Bank Direct. Screenshot of Bank Direct website. [Accessed May 23, 2018]

About Bank Direct

BankDirect is a registered credit provider and now offers the BankDirect Low Interest Visa card that offer clients competitive rates, flexibility, interest-free period credit cards.

You will earn interest on credit balances, not to mention the new-look of the visa cards, which is an attractive design. Clients receive 1,00% interest per annum on credit balances.

Link your accounts

You can also link your BankDirect Low Interest Visa to your other BankDirect accounts, which allows you to use one card for everything. We are centred on offering the most convenient services for you.

Choose your payment terms

Clients are permitted to pay the minimum fee or to settle the account or an amount in between but flexibility is something we strive for.

Additional cardholders and 24-hour card replacement are only some of the features available with BankDirect Low Interest Visa.

What Bank Direct can offer you

BankDirect Low Interest Visa is one of the best credit options for New Zealand residence and we offer our clients a variety of services and benefits to suit you.

$1 000 cash advance per day 

Clients are eligible for cash advance for credit and EFTPOS purchases. Terms and conditions apply.

What’s more is that you can draw money from over 1200 ATMs available in New Zealand. You can also use your BankDirect Low Interest Visa all over the world.

55 days interest free

Enjoy the 55 days interest-free period. You never have to pay interest for purchases again. We only charge interest for failed payments. You will save more money to spend on the things that matter to you.

Should you require a card replacement, whether in NZ or abroad, we offer a 24-hour card replacement option. Various payment options such as automatic payment, cheque or internet banking are available. Easy online credit application makes it easy for you to apply tpday!

Bank Direct Product Details

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 13.60%

We offer client’s competitive rates, flexibility, interest-free period credit cards

Apply for your BankDirect low-interest Visa online or visit your nearest store.op

Safe, secure payment option

Credit cards offer a safe, convenient way, in which you can safely and securely pay your bills and make purchases. As the there is no interest charged up to 55 days, you are not paying additional costs. It offers you a safe and convenient way to settle all your bills.

All BankDirect accounts can be linked, which is just another way we are trying to make your life easier.

Manage your credit card

Managing your card is hassle-free and flexible. You have the option of our online banking service, which allows you to view statements, transfers and apply for credit limit increases. Alternatively, ATMs offer similar services.

Telephone banking is an option should you wish to speak with a consultant directly.

Bank Direct will give you the best of everything

The credit card offers that we have for clients have been able to give customers get benefits and saving whenever they make use of their credit cards. In essence, this is what we want to achieve, a continuous joyous customer-organization relationship with our clients. When our biggest assets are happy, it means there is something we are doing right. We always strive to ensure that we keep our customers delighted with our services because we know that we are nothing without them.

What is the best method of paying for my Bank Direct credit card?

We usually advise our customers to make use of the debit order option because it makes things easier for all parties involved. This way, there is no need to remind the client about their payment date. Should we find that there are insufficient funds on your bank account, we will try again at a later stage. A constant pattern of deficient funds in your bank account will automatically incur additional charges for you and your credit card. Customers should always ensure there is enough money on the day their debit order is due to go off.


Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

Bank Direct helped me with a credit card when nobody would.

Samuel P
— Geraldine —

March 2019

I have found an affordable credit at Bank Direct. I am not going to any other credit provider.

Samantha H
— Gisborne —

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