is a recently established financial information services provider that assists people all over the country in finding the ideal loan for their unique needs.

Our company forms part of an extensive network of financial websites. If you’re looking for a loan or credit product in New Zealand, is ready to provide you with expert assistance.

With the large number of financial providers we present, you can be sure to find the absolute best deals on any and all forms of finance.

The most essential service we offer New Zealanders in need of financing is our ability to work though the vastly complex network of lenders and find one that perfectly suits your needs and unique financial situation.

Loans for people with bad credit

We strive to help each and every person in need of some advice on lenders, regardless of their credit history. We know how easy it is to make a mistake and we believe that there is no reason why that should stop you from getting financial assistance from a reputable lender.

We therefore have an extensive list of quality lenders that will gladly give you a bad credit loan even if your credit score is too low for banks to approve you for credit. We will help you through the initial and most vital steps of lending which includes finding the best possible lender that will approve you for credit.

We also have a blog section where we will give you advice on various aspects of finance including budgeting, managing your personal finances, improving your credit score, managing your debt, and of course we will give you advise on getting approved for financing.

Improve your lifestyle with quality loans

There are many reasons why you might need a loan but one thing is for sure – it can drastically improve your lifestyle. If you are tired of your old beat up car or your house is falling apart and, is in dire need of a renovation, then you can easily fill in an online loan application with one of many lenders and you will have the money you need in virtually no time.

Each of the lenders that can be found on our website makes use of complicated formulas in order to determine if you’re eligible for a loan, how much you qualify for and what interest rate you should be charged. However, they do not all use the same formula, which of course means that different lenders might provide different results and, as such, it is best to browse through our various New Zealand lenders in order to find the perfect one for you.

Our services

We offer our users only the most up to date and pertinent information available on New Zealand’s top credit providers. We also focus on helping people with bad credit histories obtain the loans they need – be it personal loans, home loans or even business loans.

With our extensive list of lenders we will help you get the loan you need in order to improve your standard of living – regardless of your credit score.