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Crester Credit

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About Crester Credit

As one of the most innovative alternative credit providers in New Zealand were able to merge the online banking world with the old fashioned, personal way that banking used to be done.

Whether you’re after a fast loan for an upcoming road trip or a business loan to help get your cash flow balanced – we’re here to offer you the best of both new and old.

A lender that listens to your needs

While many traditional lenders will make you business loan offers that simply don’t meet your needs, Crester Credit is a lender that listens. Since no one knows your business as you do - we will always let you dictate the major details of your banking and financial solutions and will act as a partner verifying and facilitating the process.

What Crester Credit can offer you

We offer business loans that range from $500 to $30,000 at competitive interest rates ranging from 13.95% to 26.98% per annum and loan terms of up to 3 years.

Our loans are designed to help you grow your business, keep you running when there is a temporary cash flow delay and help you purchase assets, equipment and anything else you may need to make your business move forward.

Flexible financial solutions for your business

At Crester Credit our business loans are flexible enough to be used for a variety of different purposes from sorting out a cash flow shortage to buying stock and upgrading or repairing your equipment. Our fast loans are secured against business assets or invoices and offer you a more flexible financial solution.

Interest Rate

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Repayment Term

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In a Nutshell

  •  Average processing time 24 hours
  •  Online application
  •  In-store application
  •  Secured loan option

We are able to customize a credit package to meet the client's individual needs

At Crester Credit we place a lot of focus on making time for our customers, listening to their needs, challenges and helping them find the most suitable and affordable financial solutions for their unique needs.

If you want to experience the Crester Credit difference for yourself - we urge you to make contact with us as soon as possible!

Apply for a loan online

As a modern lender, we've made it possible for customers to apply for a loan online via our website. Once you've filled in the application form and sent us all of the necessary supporting documents we will then contact you within 1 hour and you could have your business loan credited within 24 hours! Now that's really getting down to business!

Using our loan calculator

You can find your company the perfect loan by using our loan calculator that will help you find the amount that you need. You will even be able to find out how much your monthly payments will be and your interest rate. With our company, our interest rate on most of our loans is 11.95 %. We have a monthly maintenance fee of 4 dollars.

Please note that we have a 400 dollar application fee when you send your application through. We will make sure that you get the best loan that suits your needs.

Helping you get your loan

We are here for you to help you get your loan. Yes, we understand that an online application can be scary and it can make you not want to apply for your loan and that is why we are here to offer you our help. We will get you through your loan all you have to do is contact us and we will guide you step by step until your application has been submitted.

Giving us all the information

We ask that when you apply for your loan that you give us all the information needed. The more information the better let us know why you need the loan helping us find you the best loan for your needs.

Eligibility & Requirements

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