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About Sovereign

Sovereign is a unique provider of lending, banking and insurance products in New Zealand.

We offer life insurance, income protection, business loans, home loans and investment products that are designed to help you move your finances forward and realize your dreams.

Innovation, hard work and great customer service

At Sovereign, we believe in innovation, hard work and great customer service. Whether you need a personal loan or want to take a big leap and buy your first home we're here to provide you with the most up-to-date products, the best customer service and some of the lowest and most competitive interest rates on the market! 

What Sovereign can offer you

Our fixed rate home loans are ideal for anyone who wants to ensure they stick to their budget and can predict what their repayments will look like for a period of up to 5 years.

It is important to note that when choosing the fixed rate mortgage option you will not be able to change the set up of your mortgage or make excessive additional payments.

A home loan specialist you can trust

Sovereign specializes in providing home loans to New Zealanders - which means we're focused and are specialists in this particular field. We therefore are able to offer you some of the most refined and competitive deals, a simple and guided application process and expert advice that ensures you get what you want.

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In a Nutshell

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Apply for a home loan with Sovereign TODAY!

One of the first steps in buying a home is conducting research and working out how much you can afford to borrow.

To make this easier you can use our online mortgage calculators which will get you started. Once you've determined how much you can afford to repay each month or pay cycle you can then begin your online loan application!

Speak to a mortgage manager today!

When applying for a home loan with Sovereign, you can either visit us in-branch so that you can discuss your needs and options with a mortgage manager, make a loan application at your local branch, call us to discuss or apply online and let us contact you. Whichever way you to proceed you will be assisted with expertise, professionalism, speed.

Why was my home loan application turned down?

It is important to remember that while you might have an excess of money after all your payments have been paid for, we need to look at your bank statements. The customer needs to be able to do the things they enjoy.

If we feel that you are already paying a number of credit items, we might decline your request. This doesn’t stop you from applying for a home loan in future. As long as you meet our requirements and have hefty money that serves as a reminder, we will help you.

Making use of the loan calculator

The loan calculator will help you be able to determine the amount you intend on applying for. The interest charges will also be inclusive so you will have the exact payment that will be due to you should you qualify for the home loan.

A number of customers make use of the option and it has helped them make better financial choices. We usually encourage our customers to only take the amount they need for a home loan and nothing else. This way, it will be easier and cheaper to pay off over the months

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