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Resimac Home Loans

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About Resimac Home Loans

Resimac is one of New Zealand's leading mortgage providers with thousands of satisfied customers and a range of some of the most affordable and competitive home loans.

We offer flexible loans, terms and low rates that are simply the best - when it comes to securing a competitive mortgage we're the guys to talk to!

More than just affordable home loans

Resimac Home Loans offer more than just affordable home loans. We offer you access to expert advice and information that we believe is crucial to helping you make the best and most fruitful financial decisions and on-going support from a group that really cares. As an independent lender, we're simply better positioned to offer the personalized service that each family deserves! 

What Resimac Home Loans can offer you

Resimac Home Loan specializes in property finance and offers you a range of great loan features the high street banks simply can't.

We offer both fixed and variable interest rate home loans and can offer a solution for business owners with only 6 months operating history and those who have irregular income.

Innovation and flexible online solutions

While property finance was once reserved for high-income earners and large banks - things couldn’t be more different today. We are an innovative lender that offers home loans to individuals who are looking for a flexible lender and a customized loan that will work with their budgets and lifestyle.

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In a Nutshell

  •  Fixed-rate home loans
  •  Floating-rate home loans
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Our home loans are designed with our clients in mind

You can visit our offices or make a loan enquiry over the phone.

We strive to help you identify your best options and will always evaluate your income and expenses as well as affordability on an individual basis. If you’re not sure where to start why not give us a call so we can point you in the right direction and get you off to a good start?

Work out what your mortgage repayments will look Like

Prior to making a home loan application with Resimac Home Loans, we recommend that you make use of our online loan calculator which can give you a general idea of the cost and repayments a mortgage with us will incur. We have a variety of different home loan solutions available and these options can be reviewed on our website.

Can I settle my home loan earlier than the required date?

If you feel you have an excess of money available at your disposal, you can put it to good use by paying for your home loan sooner than the required date. This will mean you have one less credit to worry about. We also take such initiatives seriously because this gives us an indication of earnest dedication towards settling your home loan.

Once you have paid off your current home loan and would like to apply for another credit plan, you are more than welcome to do so. When you never have any late payments and always settle your home loan within the desired date or sometimes even earlier than scheduled, you have better and higher chances of having your advance plan approved

Maintaining a good and clear credit record

In essence, when your credit record is in good standing, you will be able to get the green light on most of your loan applications. We usually advise our customers to not take out for loan for anything that you would like to buy, know the difference between a need and a want. The client must always stick well within their budget and never overspend more than they actually should.

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