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Harmoney is a registered financial service provider: FSP373486

About Harmoney

Harmoney is New Zealand's first and most popular peer-to-peer lending platform.

With over $300 million of personal loans having been provided to Kiwis over the last few years - Harmoney has achieved its goal of changing the way that people think about lending.

Why using harmoney is just better

If you're as tired of big banks draining the life out everything as we are then you're simply going to love Harmoney. We're a peer-to-peer lending platform that matches borrowers with lenders and cuts out the nasty middle man we've all become so accustomed to.

What Harmoney can offer you

At Harmoney you can get a competitively priced personal cash loan that ranges from $1,000 to $35,000 - 100% online.

This loan isn't provided by us directly but by everyday people just like you who have made a decision to invest their money with Harmoney.

Simply a better way to borrow

We allow borrowers to apply for a loan 100% online and offer rates as low as 9.99% with loan amounts up to $35,000. If you want a faster, cheaper and more flexible quick cash loan then turn away from that profit driven bank and choose Harmoney.

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In a Nutshell

We have quick short-term loan solutions

With a guaranteed 24-hour loan approval and a simple online loan application - getting a peer-to-peer loan with Harmoney is as easy as can be!

Why we offer better rates

As a peer to peer platform, we operate entirely online - which means you never have to deal with queues, paperwork or difficult bank staff to get a competitive fast loan. Since we operate online we have very little operational costs and can, therefore, afford to offer you the rates that we do.

Completing your loan application online

Once you know how much you want to borrow you can proceed to fill in our online loan application form which should only take you a couple of minutes. Although our loans are more flexible we are a registered credit provider and all loans are subject to lending criteria and affordability assessments.

Will my information be protected?

The reason we need personal information during your peer to peer loan application is so that we can verify with the information you have stipulated in the loan application. Should we find that the information you have given to us doesn’t correspond with your real credentials, we will have to decline your loan application. Such actions are considered as fraud and you may never get a credit application approved on Harmoney. Most customers think that when they are not truthful about certain information, it increases their chances of being granted a loan and we will never find out. This is not the case; we have to do our own investigations as well.

Harmoney practices responsible lending

When we borrow money to our customers, we expect them to adhere to their responsibilities by ensuring that the money is always paid on the date agreed upon. There will be extra charges that you will be expected to be pay if you make a late loan payment. We will never allow a client to take a loan that is way above their budget. We take reasonable financial care to ensure that they can afford their credit plans and they are never late for their payments. We are a financial provider that cares.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

The interest rates at Harmoney for peer to peer are quite reasonable and affordable.

Everthan Y
— Herekino —

March 2019

The peer to peer loan system that Harmoney uses is convenient. The entire credit request was straight forward and didn’t make my life difficult.

Beth D
— Hikurangi —

 Find us here

308 Parnell Road, Auckland
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 106-507, Customs Street, Auckland City, 1143, New Zealand

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