Long term loans are acquired under conditions much different than our previously mentioned loans and the requirements are often stricter than short-term loans.


The only time you should consider applying for a long term loan is when you need to borrow a substantial amount of money that will bear interest and will be set to be repaid over a longer period.

A larger amount of money

Long term loans consist of a greater amount of money that is repaid over a longer time period. This loan is often used to pay for surgery, expensive medical treatment, lavish vacations, weddings, etc.

When you apply for a long term personal loan you should be prepared to repay the fixed interest that the loan will incur.

Repayment periods

While some long-term loans are repaid over 10 years or more, there are long-term loans that are more suitable to be repaid over three to five years. Consumers can find lenders that offer the best repayment period/s to suit your requirements.

Other features of long term loans

  • Long term loans often have a set of requirements, including your credit score that are to be met before approval of loan.
  • These loans often come in the form of secured loans, which may ensure a lower interest rate.
  • Some lenders offer flexible repayment terms.
  • Long-term loans which are unsecured often have higher interest rates.