Sometimes your basic monthly income just isn’t enough; plain and simple.

When it comes to the grind, Kiwi’s work hard, more than 50 hours a week to be specific. Yet when it comes to playing, everyone’s coming up a bit short to play as hard as they’d like. It’s fine to borrow money, but how long do we keep borrowing until we realise that there must be a more sustainable solution?

The reason individuals are working so many hours is to try and gain overtime and earn any additional income that might help them transcend the cards they’ve been handed. Since it’s not easy to get by when putting in those extra pain-staking hours, the next step is applying for credit. The cycle continues, the burdens remain and the sighs are heavier with each month that passes. It’s a bad idea to apply for credit if you feel that you can't manage it efficiently. The alternative is to try and save, that way you can save the loan applications for the real emergencies.

Making extra cash without the double shifts

So, if you can make extra cash, why not? Have a look through our ideas on what we believe are working for many New Zealanders that are strapped for cash. Some might be right up your alley, while others might seem a little rudimentary, the point is, everyone can benefit from something on the list, and I’ll leave you with the famous question: “What have you got to lose?” Nothing, you have only to gain! The other choice is to approach a lender and sort out your financial situation with a payday loan or perhaps a personal loan, depending on the amount that you need and you current credit score.

If you feel as though the former is the way to go, then keep reading! For the latter, it’s still always a good idea to save despite the loan needs that arise, and they will arise. Emergencies come when you least expect them and when they do, very little can save you other than an instant loan from a trusted provider.

Side job 1 – Rent that old spare room out

My room with all my stuff in that I never use or look at ever? Yes, that one. Pack it all up, box it and move it to the garage because that room is a monthly rental waiting to happen with Airbnb. Airbnb is a popular choice for accommodation for business people and travelers so, get that room neat and tidy, spritz some room freshener in there and make it welcoming! Upload images online along with your cost per night, week or month and wait for all the hits!

You’ll wonder why you never did this before! You’re welcome. You can set each and every specification on the site – it’s your home after all and no one but you gets to decide how to run it. Just be sure you’re comfortable with bumping into a stranger in the hallway if you plan on being there whilst renting it out.

Side job 2 – Get into mystery shopping

Who doesn’t love to shop? What’s the only bugbear about shopping though? It can end up being quite a costly affair. What if you could go shopping and, wait for it – get paid to do it?!

It’s not a scam, it’s real and there is a multitude of companies and brands out there that are willing to pay decent amounts to those willing and able to shop for certain products and rate the customer service and overall experience of the purchase.

Side 3 – Audition to be an extra in a film or series

Did you miss the boat on your acting career? Is that why you’re looking for side hustle jobs to fill the void as well as the wallet? Well, look no further, you might just end up realising your dream today, except perhaps on a smaller, less famous scale, but nonetheless, you will make the big screen.

Talent agencies and schools are always after a range of different actors and actresses that could be extras in a film. Whether you’re tall, short, old or young, there will be a role for you. Look online and you’ll be overwhelmed at the opportunities that await you for your 15 minutes of stardom!

They will require you to be available as they need you, so make sure you have flexible hours to meet these needs. Before you sign your time and cameo fame away, be sure to read the fine print and establish that they are actually paying you.

Side job 4 – Sell your unwanted stuff

This one should be a fairly obvious way to make money if you haven’t already given it a go. You have no need for those old baseball gloves, that collection of model cars and you certainly don’t need that old bicycle rusting away in the garage beneath the cobwebs. Sell it all!

Side job 5 – Fancy yourself a photographer? Sell your photos

We all like to believe we’re the next Steve McCurry, but really, we just l-o-v-e taking photographs. Especially since we permanently have a camera with us – through our mobile phones. Why not, then make some money with the photos you take?

Magazines and websites are constantly looking for original and authentic images to use for their content. It’s a fun way to make money and again, it also offers a few minutes of fame since it’ll be all over the internet! New Zealand has a few of their own sites that pay decently for these images.

If you heed our advice you should be able to make enough money to cover your day to day living, but if you’re not able to make ends meet and still feel as though these efforts aren’t helping, you will need to take out a loan or approach a debt counsellor that can assist you with getting your finances in order. Not only will you solve your debt problems, but you’ll also get sound advice for the future on how to avoid it happening again. To go this route, you can apply online with any lender for a debt consolidation loan or for debt counselling.