You will never increase your credit score if you keep piling on more & more debt.

Improve your credit score

What we are trying to achieve here is improve your credit score, and if you have failed to notice, that means minimising your debt.


If you keep adding to your debt by using your credit card and adding to other forms of debt, you will never get the amount you own down. You will either stand still if you pay off as much as you use, or you might slowly reduce your debt if you use slightly less than you pay off – or you might even use more than you pay off, which will leave you with even more debt.

Minimise debt and not making more debt

The only way you can minimise your debt is by repaying your debt and not adding to it at all. You need to bury your credit card and stop applying for more credit until you have managed to reduce your standing debt.

It is one of the biggest mistakes made by consumers who try to get out of debt. But being in a position to make more debt is often the very reason people make more debt. It takes discipline to refrain from making more debt.

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