The first thing you need to do to rectify your credit score is to get back on track with your payments.

Due to unforeseen events, you have damaged your credit score, now it is time to get back on track – starting with making your payments on time.


Follow the rules

  • The best way to improve (or repair) your credit score is by following the rules of lending and the first rule is making payments on time. By starting to make your payments on time once again, you will be able to prove that you are a reliable borrower who can be trusted with credit.
  • Should you be in a financial crises, try to make arrangements with your lenders. Do not avoid lenders as often that results in a negative credit score much quicker than if you were to make arrangements.

The whole point of a credit score is that credit providers need something to judge your creditworthiness by, which makes it important for you to follow the rules.

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